(1) How is prediction done by 4D Uncle Kumar for Malaysia (Magnum, Damacai and Sports Toto)?

Uncle Kumar is a mathematician (deep interest with numbers) and he uses many techniques such as statistics, neural networks, artificial intelligence and many more technologies to explore and find a great system that can predict the 4D Lucky Numbers.

(2) When is the best and ideal time to get the latest hot numbers (Nombor Panas and Nombor baik) for Malaysia 4D?

Best time is on the DRAW DAYS : WEDNESDAYS/SATURDAYS/SUNDAYS after 8AM in the morning (local Malaysia time).

(3) What will happen if I take the numbers on previous day of draw?

You can take the 4D Lucky Numbers on the previous day. The only risk is that, if the latest numbers have not been updated in the website, you may be getting an old set which may not be STRONG.

(4) How many sets of numbers can I get maximum for every draw?

You can get maximum FIVE sets. ONE set is THREE 4D Numbers. That makes a total of FIFTEEN 4D Numbers that you can get from Uncle Kumar for every draw.

(5) Does Uncle Kumar give 4D Numbers for SPECIAL DRAW?

NO. SPECIAL DRAWs are not provided any 4D Lucky Numbers. Only for REGULAR DRAWS, you can get the 4D Lucky Numbers.

(6) If I forcefully take the 4D Numbers for SPECIAL DRAW, is it OK?

It is upto you. No 4D prediction is made for SPECIAL DRAW. The Numbers that you pick up was intended for REGULAR draws only.

(7) How much I need to pay to get the 4D Luck Numbers from Uncle Kumar?

It is a small token amount only. Please check on the PRICING LINK to know more details.

(8) Does Uncle Kumar give guarantee of WINNING the prizes?

NO. There is no guarantee on the WINNING. You must understand that this is a GAME of CHANCE. When you write with best prediction number, which is a STRONG Number, you always stand a chance to STRIKE a PRIZE.

(9) What is the chance or confidence level to WIN?

I have seen many people writing 4D Numbers of their car or motor bike for YEARS and NEVER STRIKE the 4D. But, if you write 4D Number with a strong prediction system behind you, YES there is GOOD CHANCE for STRIKING NUMBER. Uncle Kumar has time tested RESULTS and so, you can always buy my 4D Numbers with confidence. They are going to be a GOOD and BETTER pick for you.

(10) How should I write my numbers? Box or straight?

Let me share with you a KNOWN SECRET ! If you box a number, chances of winning is higher that writing it straight. But, the offset is that the winning amount is smaller than winning on a straight bet. My prediction numbers are not any exception to this. So, hope you can know the answer to this question by NOW!

(11) I write in MKT or only my favorite COUNTER?

OK, Good question ! If you write any number in M, K and T, you know that you have a better chance to WIN. Again the offset is that you spend more. When you spend more, chances of getting the STRIKE is higher ! My prediction numbers are not any exception to this. So, hope you can know the answer to this question by NOW!